Monday, May 4, 2015

We've got new designs!

If you like these (and we know you do) visit our shirt builder at Paper Clouds Apparel and design your own today!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stage 3 Printing Rocks!

We spent a few hours this morning at Stage 3 while they were printing the Artists & Autism campaign. It was super cool to see the process first hand on how a blank shirt turns into something so much more. The money raised from this shirt will go to Will, who is a 7 year old in second grade. Thank you everyone who purchased shirts from this campaign! They are still in the printing process at present and next they will go to The Center for Habilitation where our workers with special needs will help package these shirts. Stay tuned for more updates on the Paper Clouds Apparel process!

Monday, April 27, 2015

So this is one of my favorites this campaign...the cutest butterflies on a comfy v-neck tee. These butterflies were drawn by Rebekah, the sweetest 8 year old I have seen in a long time. She is helping to support NWO Apraxia with every shirt that we sell. There dedication to helping children with "Invisible Disabilities" is only limited by the donations that they receive. Help them reach further with every purchase from PCA!

(I like light red but there are 8! other colors to chose from. Every single Paper Clouds Apparel shirt has been chosen for it's comfort and durability.)

Friday, April 24, 2015

#FBF to The Today Show!!!

Just a few weeks ago Paper Clouds Apparel was featured on The Today Show! Check it out if you haven't already!

A little love from KTAR 92.3

*Repost from KTAR*
PHOENIX -- A child's hand-drawn picture on a refrigerator sparked the little Phoenix nonprofit that could.
Robert Thornton's Paper Clouds Apparel makes and sells T-shirts and caps based on artwork drawn by or inspired by children with special needs.
Part of the money goes to a various causes, and he hires special-needs workers to pack them up for shipping.
Thornton was featured Friday on a segment of the "Today" show.
His company has managed to raise $87,000 for autism awareness, childhood cancer, genetic disorders and child advocacy, among others.
The sales are organized into campaigns that last two weeks.
"The first campaign I was like, holy smoke, people really like these designs and they like the cause and this could grow into something really, really big," Thornton told the morning show.
He got the idea while looking at a picture on his mother's refrigerator. A special-needs child on the school bus she drives made it for her.
Thornton said he admired the picture and thought it would look great on a T-shirt.
Lots of work later, he made that happen.

Thanks for the great pub KTAR! We will be listening for more great stories!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

All the Love from NOURISH AZ

Nourish is pleased to announce that we'll be fundraising on Paper Clouds Apparel from April 20th - May 3rd! Paper Clouds Apparel is a company that makes and distributes t-shirts designed by individuals with special needs. Half of the proceeds are donated to the organization that they are currently fundraising for. Paper Clouds Apparel has raised over $35,000 so far this year for causes from Artists and Autism, the Ronan Thompson Foundation, the Phoenix Children's Hospital, and many more.
Nourish is incredibly honored to be a part of this, and don't forget to buy your t-shirts while you still can!